Tuition & Fees

St. Joseph Marquette Catholic School relies upon tuition, Parent Board fundraising, an annual subsidy from the Sister Rebecca Berghoff Foundation and tuition scholarships to raise all monies necessary to operate. When determining tuition, we try to keep a balance between affordability for our families and the strategic needs of the school. After careful review of all considerations, tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is:

Full Cost Tuition

(No volunteer hours or fundraising obligations)

Per student   $8,868

Regular Tuition*

1 student        $7,501

2 students      $12,965

3+ students    $18,298

Reduced Tuition*

(less than $76,000 in income for 2023; copy of most recent tax return is required)

1 student        $6,431

2 students      $11,445

3+ students    $16,244

*Both the “Regular” and “Reduced” tuition levels come with the commitment to fulfill the following volunteer hour and fundraising requirements:

35 volunteer hours by June 6, 2025 (4 hours must be committed to the Fresh Catch Dinner & Auction) – A minimum of 20 of the 35 hours must be completed through fundraising opportunities. Hours not completed will be billed at $50 per hour on the June statement.

  1. RAFFLE: Sell a minimum of $100.00 in raffle tickets per each enrolled child                              
  2. FRESH CATCH: 4 volunteer hours or a $200 procurement/sponsorship.                                  
  3. JOG-A-THON: Turn in a minimum of $50.00 in Jog-a-thon donations for each enrolled child.

Financial assistance is available on a limited basis. Click here for more information.


Registration Fee

$125 per student

Consumables & Materials Fee

Grades PreK-5      $190 per child

Grades 6-8            $255 per child


After School Care Program (per child, per day rate)

Click here for additional information.

3:00-4:00PM     $6.50

3:00-5:00PM     $13

3:00-6:00PM     $19.50