Welcome to Ms. Tri’s Middle School Drama

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Respect – each person will be treated with dignity

Responsibility – each person will be personally accountable

Love – put others above one’s self

Faithfulness – committed to God

Excellence – continually strives to improve

It is the mission of St. Joseph Marquette Catholic School to build a community and educate the total child (spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, creatively, physically, and socially) in values consistent with the teachings of Jesus.

I believe that establishing an environment that is safe, respectful and responsible will enable students to grow, create and thrive.

Safe– physically and mentally

Respectful– of self and others

Responsible– for actions, assignments and commitments

6th Grade Course Description: Students will be given the opportunity to begin to experience a hands-on look into drama and its components using 3 units.

Unit 1: All About Me!

Unit 2: Pantomime and non-verbal communication

Unit 3: Monologues and character interactions

7th Grade Course Description: Students will continue to build on the skills they learned with 3 new units.

Unit #1: Types of drama

Unit #2: Accents

Unit #3: Improvisation

Each unit will be 2-3 weeks long.  Each will contain on and off stage activities to help students understand a positive, creative and safe way to explore ideas as well as build confidence to express individuality.

8th Grade Course Description: Students will quickly re-visit curriculum covered in 6th and 7th grade.  Then we will begin an on-stage production. This drama course is aimed toward providing students with life-long skills including collaboration techniques and opportunities, a sense of responsibility to the production and fellow students, also an accountability to their audience, peers, and teachers. We promote that drama is fun as an actor, crew person or designer/creator.  Ultimately, students will develop confidence in their abilities and know that their contributions aid in the success of a production.

Educational Standards:

Foundations– acting, audience etiquette, team work, positive group effort.

Acting skills– movement, voice, improvisation, character development.

Elements– character, plot, setting, conflict, dialog, theme.