Physical Education

Pre-Kindergarten has ½ hour of P.E., once per week.
Kindergarten – Fourth Grade has ½ hour of P.E., twice a week.
Fifth Grade has 45 minutes of P.E., twice a week.
Sixth – Eighth Grade – has 45 minutes of P.E. for 2 quarters.

Elementary P.E. works on basic motor skills – running, skipping, hopping, etc. We also work on sportsmanship through team games – Basketball, Hockey, Softball, etc. The students also earn free days where they get to choose from many different games – Capture the Flag, Kickball, Fastest Tagger in the West, etc.

In the middle school we concentrate more on team sports – Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, etc. The students are graded everyday on dressing down, their participation, their effort and attitude. If they try the skill and participate in the activity they will succeed in P.E.