The St. Joseph/Marquette school commission is an advisory board that works in collaboration with Principal to develop policies along with short and long range plans for the betterment of the school. In addition, commission members may volunteer to serve on the Finance Committee and or/ Personnel Committee. The School Commission meets once a month in the Marquette Library at 7pm.

Meeting dates are set for the third Thursday of each month beginning in august and ending in June (with no meeting in December). Each year three new members are elected to the School Commission to serve a three year term.

The Personnel committee assists the principal in interviewing, hiring and terminating personnel. Teachers are hired according to the philosophy and objectives of the school, as well as their academic preparation, and according to federal, state, and diocesan guidelines.

The Finance committee works together for the financial stability of the school. They are involved in the approval of major expenditures. They research and suggest better ways of putting the financial needs of the school before the public. They work closely with the parent’s board officers, who are the chief fundraising group of the school. The Finance committee also prepares and presents a budget to the school commission for its approval each year.