Mission Statement

It is the Mission of St. Joseph/Marquette Catholic School to build community and educate the total child (spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially) in values consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Respect: As a child of God, each person will be treated with dignity.

Responsibility: Each person will be accountable for his/her thoughts and actions.

Love: Each person puts others needs before one’s own.

Faithfulness: Each person is committed to what God calls each to do.

Excellence: Each person continually strives to improve in all that they do.


Daily Religion Classes
Teaching Peace and Justice
Support of the Mission
Community Service
Daily Prayers
Sacramental Program
Scripture Studies
Altar Services
Peace/Prayer Partners
Kostka Club


Dedicated Faculty
Accelerated Reading Program (Grades 1-8)
Star Math Program (Grades 2-5)
Social Studies
Assessments (WASL-ITBS)

Fine Arts Department: Art Program (Grades 1-8)
Drama/Speech (Grades 6-8)
Music & Strings/Instrumental Band (Grades 4-8)
Language Arts
Computer Technology – Being Revised
Library Skills
Math & Science Night
Tutoring Program


Self Discipline
Social Skills – Second Step Program
Friendship Days
Parent/Student Led Conferences
Health Education
Conflict Resolution
Reach Workshops


Physical Education
Drug Education: Social Illnesses
Nutrition policy
Athletic Program (7th & 8th grades), Cross Country,
Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Baseball
Vision/Hearing Screenings


Emphasis on Respect
Family Activities
Halloween Festival
Peace Partners
Math & Science Night
Art Show evening
Year Book Staff
Christmas Program
Class Meetings
Grandparents/Special Friend Day


Marquette (Main Office)
Office hours:
7:30 AM to 4:00 PMTel. (509) 575-5557
Fax (509) 457-5621
Vicki Balmer
St. Joseph
Office hours:
7:30 AM to 4:00 PMTel. (509) 453-6842
Greta Alderson
Mother Joseph Center
Office hours:
7:45 AM to 3:30 PMTel. (509) 576-8916
Vickie Long

Mr. Gregg Pleger – Principal
Mr. Mark Congleton – Vice – Principal/Athletic Director
Mrs. Vicki Balmer – Administrative Secretary/Registrar
Mrs. Paula Mattson- Bookkeeper
Mrs. Greta Alderson – St. Joseph Building Receptionist
Mrs. Vickie Long – Mother Joseph Center Receptionist
Mrs. Dianne St. Mary – Sister Rebecca Foundation/Public Relations