Why A Catholic School

Catholic schools enjoy a rich tradition and heritage in our country, and they continue to be an inspiration for the educational system.
St. Joseph Marquette Catholic School takes pride in teaching & encouraging standards of the Catholic faith. Being the first school founded in the Yakima Valley by Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1875, St. Joseph Marquette fosters the importance of tradition and community service.

Catholic Schools and St. Joseph Marquette combine the importance of academic excellence with the teachings of the Catholic Faith. The average class size of 17-23 students provides each student the benefit of attentative teachers and programs that encourage the development of each child’s unique talents from Pre-Kindergarten through Middle school.

Registration Process

Following Catholic Schools Week, the current families have the month of February to re-register. During this time, all new inquiries are put on a contact list and sent an invitation to attend our Open House the first week of March. Registration packets are available that evening and new families may register at that time, or any time after.

If you are unable to attend our Open House, our registrar will encourage families to arrange a time to take a personal tour of the school: there they can learn first hand about the environment, the campus, and academic and religious programs. Following the tour, the family will have the opportunity to review the information in the packet with the registrar. The packet contains a brochure about the school, curriculum information for their child’s specific grade level, and financial papers.

The enrollment process may include a classroom visit, a tour of the school (if not done previously), and a personal visit with the principal. The family will complete the financial portion of the registration process: registration fees, promissory note, and registration forms. Parents will be required to provide a copy of the birth certificate, baptismal certificate if Catholic, and immunization records.