The Catholic school is a unique faith-centered community, which integrates thinking and believing in ways that encourages intellectual growth, nurtures faith and inspires action.

The commitment to academic excellence, which fosters the intellectual development of faculty and students, is an integral part of the mission of the Catholic school.

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Marquette Middle School Academic Hall of Fame

Criteria: Received an Advanced Degree from a College or University.

Margaret Kowalsky 89 – Harvard University – Masters in Theology

Meagan Abeyta 90 – Central Washington University – EDS – School
O’ Claire 91 – Seattle University – Masters in Business Administration
Bryce Guske 01 – Portland State University – Masters of Public Policy.
Noelle Congleton (Bonds) 94 – Northwest University – Masters in Teaching
Brandi Riel (Krause) 96 – Heritage University – Masters in Teaching and Learning
Leah Welton (Krautter) 96 – University of Portland – Masters in Teaching
Nicole St. Mary – Franson 98 – Heritage University – Masters in Teaching and
Seattle Pacific University – Principal Certification
Rachel Gasseling 08 – Heritage University – Masters in Teaching